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NSW Centre Unity was formalised as a group in 1979, when Paul Keating became President of the NSW Branch of the Australian Labor Party.

Centre Unity was established to encourage bold and innovative ideas that would form the policy foundations for Labor governments. With this came the recognition, however, that Labor could not affect change without first encouraging the election of like-minded individuals to form stable Labor governments.

It has always been Centre Unity that has brought stability to NSW Labor and worked with the parliamentary and industrial wings of the Party to deliver results for the communities we represent.

Centre Unity has never wasted opportunities to deliver change. Some of its achievements include:

  • The floating of the dollar
  • Balancing the budget
  • Opening the Australian economy
  • Delivering the 'best ever' Olympic Games
  • Compulsory superannuation
  • The establishment of hundreds of national parks in NSW
  • Education reform
Many of these achievements were fought for and won on the floor of the NSW Labor State Conference - the supreme decision making body of the NSW Labor Party. 
Centre Unity regularly produces an official journal, Labor Voice, which continues to drive a progressive agenda for NSW and the nation through a robust and meaningful discussion on policy and ideas.